sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

Viva o Povo unido!

Um discurso de despedida A farewell speech عنوان وداعا

Ele tem que sair He has to leave لديه لمغادرة

Liberdade Freedom الحرية

Cleaning up Tahrir Square

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quinta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2011

It´s already chaos, anyway.

One Egyptian says, "facebook used to set the date, twitter used to share logistics, youtube to show the world, all to connect people" .JaredCohen #jan25 / 25/Jan

Egypt's Protests Day of Anger Riots 25 Jan 2011 Demonstrations Rare Raw Footage.flv Youtube 25/Jan

[EGYPT] Push And Pull Between Egyptians And Police, Cairo Demonstrations, 25/01/2011 Youtube

#Egypt #Jan25 (ليلة القبض على مبارك) Youtube 27/Jan

Egypt Protest The Angry Friday 28 January - Part 1.flv Youtube 28/Jan

DO SOMETHING: Help Egypt - Join the Cloud 28/Jan

Millions rally to oust Mubarak Youtube 31/Jan

A Virtual "March of Millions" in Solidarity with Egyptian Protestors Facebook 1/Feb

Tahrir Cairo 1/Feb


'No!No!': Protesters react to Mubarak's speech 1/Feb

Led by ‘Hope,’ protesters reject Mubarak’s concessions 1/Feb

LIVE: Egypt unrest 2/Feb

Live Messages from Egypt 2/Feb

Deadly clashes rock Egypt capital 2/Feb

Egypt: Back Online, a Global Voices Author Shares His Story 2/Feb

Outrage over Cairo violence 2/Feb

Unrest in Egypt live euronews 2/Feb

Infografia static.Pú - 3/Fev

Violence flares in Cairo square 3/Feb

Clashes resume in chaotic Cairo euronews 3/Feb

Licence to kill Van plows into people on Cairo street - 3/Feb

Licence to kill 2 The diplomatic car that ran over 20 people in cairo (28th-Jan-2011) Youtube

Licence to kill 3 "Eles vão matar-te" Pú 3/Feb

Nash espera que hoje seja "dia da partida" do faraó Pú 3/Feb