sábado, 21 de maio de 2011

Democracia Real YA

"We are just ordinary people
we are just like you
we wake up in the morning and study
we work or try to find a job
we have also family and friends
we work hard every day just to live
to get a better future for those around us.
Some of us are liberal
some of us are conservative
some of us are religious
some of us are not
some of us have strong political ideologies
some of us are just apolitical
but we are all concerned and disappointed
about the political, economical and social situation we see around us
about corrupt politicians and bussinessmen
about citizen helplessness
This situation is harming our society daily
but we can make a change together
It's time to empower and move
time to build a better society together
Therefore we firmly declare that
the priorities of every advanced society
must be equality, progress, solidarity
freedom of culture
ecological sustainability
and development, welfare
and people's happiness